Thursday, May 28, 2009

Birth Announcement

Announcing Toreth Cardigans...

final tally

#1 girl - 10.5 oz
#2 boy "Taxi" (born in car on way back from 1st vet visit) - 11.5 oz.
#3 boy - 9.5 oz.
#4 boy - 9 oz.
#5, 6, 7 (c-section) - girl - 9 oz., girl - 8 oz., boy (mismark) 9 oz.

There were 3 others in there that didn't make it.

All puppies are/were brindle except one black boy who couldn't be revived.

Kayla is a wonderful, attentive mother. We tube fed this morning anyway just to help. All are sleeping including my buddy Kim Kiefer who I couldn't have done without. I don't think I could do this without any of you. Thanks to everyone for the emails and being available for phone calls to get reassurance about the right thing to do next. Thank you, thank you.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


9.5 oz. @ 7 pm

Another brindle boy. sigh. Sorry Carolyn. Everyone chant: girl, girl. one black. Kim wants a red.

Kayla is *such* a good momma!!!

1, 2, & 3

#1: little girl, 10 oz., brindle: I didn't wanna come out! Vet pulled me out and gave Mama oxytocin and calcium. Thanks Dr. Rick!!

#2: boy, 12 oz. brindle: Taxi!! was born in car on way home.

# 3: boy, 10.5 oz., brindle, born 20 minutes after brother

first pushin!!!!

every 5 minutes or less


first stage: diggin' to China, milk comin' in.

no contractions yet.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

puppy alert

Kayla's temp dropped to nearly 98º. She hasn't eaten hardly anything all day, not even ice cream...

All because Kim Kiefer packed her car today.