Saturday, June 9, 2007

Not enough time

Never. Not for all that I love in my life. I love so many things. I love my husband. He's my best friend. I love my family. I absolutely love being a mom. I love homeschooling my three daughters. I've discovered I love history. I love drawing and painting. I love gardening. And I love dogs. This is the place where I can talk about all the things I love....but mostly it's a place where I share what I learn from my dogs.
Dogs are my bodhisattvas, my enlightened beings, that remind me to value each moment. They don't live in the past or the future. They are here and now and are very present in the present.
Dogs love many things too. Mostly a good snack. They nap when they are sleepy. They can derive such pleasure out of sniffing the smells in the air. A good run, like when there is a squirrel to chase, is exhilerating.
Life is short and even more so for them. Maybe that's why they don't dwell on what could have been or worry about tomorrow's possible crisis. They remind me that the treasure we are looking for is right in our own backyard. And it only requires a bit of digging.


Traci said...

welcome to the wonderful world of Blogging :) Glad to have you join us :)

C-Myste said...

I've got you linked now. At least this blog is linked . . .