Thursday, June 28, 2007

Skye's new attitude

My dear boy. Beautiful, beautiful blue Skye. He is finally getting that Celie is fun. I've had to keep a muzzle on him so he wouldn't hurt the other dogs. But last weekend I noticed how well he was playing with Celie. Last night I tried leaving the muzzle off and see what they did. (Gus-Gus the Bulldog, and feeling all of his 6-month-old testosterone, was crated during this experiement.)
At first, Skye just rubbed his face on the carpet as if to say, "You really mean I can keep that thing off?" And then the little Celie went for him. I held my breathe. I could almost hear his brain go "Hey!" He crouched down to say, "Well, come on then." And she did. They wrestled and chased and played for over an hour. Hopefully, I can find the time later to post the pictures I took.

I was wondering if anyone could tell me what they think brought about the change. Gus is, as I say, feeling all his boyhood. And he's definitely alpha. Would this explain Skye's change of attitude, understanding that a new guy is in town? Or is Celie just getting big enough and girlie enough that Skye wants to play? Kayla still plays with her. What I mean is she isn't threatened by her. Last night she just watched and even grumped a bit when they got too close. But this morning all three Cardis were playing together. (Gus was busy mooning over Thomas leaving for work. He loves his daddy so.)

I'm leaving the muzzle on until I can be sure that while my back is turned he's still behaving, especially with the other boy.

--Later that morning: Experiment with Gus shows Skye still doesn't like him. Muzzle and pressure to partition dog run back on. Oh well.


Traci said...

Well while I'm glad to hear that Skye has accepted Celie, I'm disappointed for you that he has an issue with Gus :( Can't say that it surprises me, given the alpha wanna be that Skye has always appeared to be.
Good luck! and keep us posted!
Hugs to Celie from us :)

Léo said...

And that Gus is alpha too. He was horrible at his first show. Didn't go after any people but wanted to attack every strange dog. He was like that for the first 5 minutes of handling class too but then seemed to relax. There's a lot more energy at a show. With Gus I think it's a strange reaction to fear. Makes me wish he'd go back to peeing when nervous. Well, as long as he's outside.

StubbyDog said...

My good friend had a SUPER alpha bitch which was fear-based. Dog shows at first just wrecked her, it seemed like she was saying "oh SH*T how can I control ALL of these dogs??!" She *loves* people. After some serious socialization she got to be much better at shows, but you always had to watch her.

I hope this is the beginning of Skye and Celie being friends. :o) Sometimes I think dogs aren't *quite* sure what to do with fairly young puppies...Brady (my alpha) doesn't tolerate really young puppies very well, but is great when they get older.