Sunday, August 17, 2008

doggie-mobile go boom

Driving along in my automobile...
when along comes this kid. Poor kid. He forgot to look and pulled out right in front of me. I had no time to brake and with cars in the oncoming lane I had nowhere to go. Van go boom. Thank Dog no one was hurt. Shaken but not broken.
Tore the front end off the kid's sister's (is he going to get yelled at?) '07 Toyota Camry very pretty royal blue. Gave my van a big long owie all along the passenger side, a flat tire that had to be changed in 105 degree heat. And now to wait for insurance and who knows how long to repair. The entire front piece and every piece on that side will have to be replaced or serious repair. I can't open the passenger side front door. I really can't drive it very far because the front tire is rubbing a little on the fender pieces that got squashed in and I don't know if the alignment was messed up.
What I am most amazed about is how I handled it. How everyone handled it. It's hot, late in the afternoon and everyone's hungry. But the first thing I did was check in with myself and told myself to breathe. And then I checked in with everyone to make sure everyone was okay. Someone asked if I wanted to call the cops and I said as long as we can just get our information exchanged to let the insurance companies deal with it no. So it took a while for the kid to find his insurance and then his brother helped me change my tire. (Why don't they make lugnuts easier to get off? Well, yeah. Good point.) As I drove away everyone was so relieved. One woman thanked me for being awesome. But really no one was hurt and cars are just things that can be repaired or replaced.
Maybe I should take up peace negotiations in the Middle East? Okay so maybe that's a bigger deal.
And then now to deal with the insurance. His fault so maybe no big deal for me right? That's another story..... Seems there's been some mix up on whether it's been paid....
Breathe, breathe. Wah-ah-ah. Breathe.


Traci said...

gosh Le'o! I'm so sorry to hear!!!! I'm glad everyone was ok though... you're right. Cars CAN be repaired. I hope it gets resolved SUPER quick for you!!!!!!!!

C-Myste said...

Good for remembering to breathe! In this heat I doubt that I could have remained so calm!!

But umm . . "poor" kid?

I hope that you can get it fixed without a real accident report from the police though. We once had some trouble on that end . . .

Léo said...

Yes. Poor kid. He was nearly in tears he was so mortified. It was just a dumb kid mistake. And I think from now on I bet he looks both ways.

I've been in this situation before and the insurance has come through without a police report. I have knowledge of where they live, phone numbers and so on.
Anyway I'm trying to stay positive.

It's still just a thing. And somehow sooner or later it will get fixed.