Monday, September 29, 2008

Kayla gives her Mama a birthday present

This weekend marks the two-year anniversary of Kayla coming home to live with us. That and today is my birthday. Anyway Kayla decided it was a weekend worth celebrating.
At Richland Saturday, Kayla (aka C-Myste Kahlua'n Cream) was awarded a 5-point major on a supported entry. Lots of competition. Must have helped to have the Mocha Kahlua the night before. Hmmmmmm. Not really.
This girl has taught me a lot about dogs, dog shows, people and most of all about what she and I have inside ourselves.
Thank you my Kahlua sweetie.


Kim said...

Holy hell I'm having a blonde week... I completely forgot Kayla's registered name (but have always loved it since I'm a Kahlua fiend) and isn't it just fitting the bottle we tore into Friday night was her namesake!

Happy Birthday and many congrats on the lovely win. I'm so glad we were there!

And isn't is amazing how we are there for each other one of us has some greatness in the ring? You were there for Pearl's and Lilac's finish!

We must be each other's lucky charms...

dreameyce said...

Big congrats, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

penni said...

It was definitely a special birthday present. Huge Congratulations! I was at Kim's two years ago when Carolyn brought Inca to Portland for me and Kayla for you -- doesn't it feel like a million years ago?

Traci said...

I couldn't be happier for you Le'o! :) Kayla just needed some time to mature and grow into herself... What a special gift that was! :) Happy Birthday, my friend!