Monday, January 12, 2009

crossword of the day

My iGoogle page includes a daily crossword puzzle.
Today's 23 across: Ein of Cowboy Bebop (breed) 5 letters.
Why else would I put it on this blog?
Just added it to my Netflix queue. It's supposed to be a pretty good anime series.


Kim said...

Kate's favorite show!

Léo said...

I think I have a theme for Kayla's litter.
Ein, Spike, Faye, Jet...

Kate said...

Kim knows me! It is WONDERFUL. It's the reason I have corgis!

I'm going to name a dog "______'s Boogie Woogie Feng Shui" (one of the episodes) someday. Call name will be "Faye" or "Jet", depending on the gender. Lots of cool registered names there ("Jupiter Jazz," "Waltz for Venus," "Wild Horses," "Toys in the Attic," "Stray Dog Strut," etc.), but no one is allowed to use that one!

Okay, sorry to have gotten started. ;) I love me my anime.

I think I'll do "Wicked" litter names if I have puppies. Elphaba, Galinda, Fiyero, Bocque, Liir, Nor...

Pemmies were on Dogs 101 on Animal planet tonight. I think they're doing all the AKC breeds. Keeping an eye out for ours.

Léo said...

You're the one who should use the characters for one of your litters. I look forward to that for you and watching the show with my girls.