Thursday, January 15, 2009

hard recall 2

Well, not exactly a daily activity. It should be.

Today was interesting as I took all four dogs, the three Cardigan girls and Gus who just thinks he's a Cardigan. Gus never has to be on a leash around here. So maybe he thinks he's a human. While he never left my side the three girls heard the click from the snap rings and they were off. It was the first time I worked them all together and as predicted recall was more challenging.
I'm sure I looked and sounded wonderful to my neighbors screaming at the dogs to "COME!!" and them running around like they're deaf and high on meth. I am so grateful for our little acreage out in the middle of nowhere!

Kayla is definitely the ringleader as once I got her to come (or shall I say once I caught up with her) the other two followed. I put the long lead on Kayla and told them to "Go!" Off they went and repeated the lessons from before. This time when they "came" right away they got chicken and cheese. Wow!! So this is what happens to good dogs.
Getting them to "Go" again met with some hesitation but not for long as we know how much a Cardi loves to zoom. Apparently even more than the possible treat in her pocket. And when we go, but not too far and come when she says we get more? What a great game!!! Let's do it again!

After a couple more tries there was more consistent success. I know repeating this with some regularity will prove rewarding by keeping them close to the pack leader (no Kayla I'm talking about me dear) and possibly save their lives someday.


dreameyce said...

Galaxy is soooo hit or miss with recalls. I *NEVER* had issues with Traum though, ever, not even as a puppy!

Gotta love independent headed "do it my way" dogs ;) heehee I so feel for ya!

Léo said...

I have decided that the independent, "do it my way" attitude will have to go. I don't tolerate it in my children why should I tolerate it in my dogs? It's a safety issue. Pure and simple. I am learning that if I am consistent they know I am serious and want to have fun too.