Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pyometra and mibolerone

Michelle Kutzler, a reproductive veterinary specialist and associate professor at Oregon State University gave a wonderful seminar at the CKC show in Albany Saturday night. I'm going to share some of what I learned as I have time.

One interesting piece was the admonition for prevention of pyometra is to "breed early and breed often." I heard a loud clunk on the table in front of me after this announcement. After picking up my jaw she had my rapt attention.

So first what is pyometra? See here. The usual treatment (and prevention) is spay.

She went on to explain that of course one did not want to breed a bitch before her health clearances could be performed. So as close to the 2-year birthday one should plan on having their bitch bred. And then breed her every time she came into heat.

Or one could use mibolerone (marketed as ChequeDrops, which according to her is no longer available because of abuse by athletes). According to her it can be used safely for up to 2 years. It stops the heat cycle entirely but when the steroid is ceased it flushes out of her system before she resumes her cycle. I have hears of breeders using this to control the timing of estrus for showing purposes.

There may be an increase in aggression which is what the athletes use it for. hmmmmm.

Lots to think about. Has anyone had any pyometra or mibolerone experience?

I have a bitch being bred as I write this. She's 4 and 1/2 years old and has had no previous litters. But also no pyometra. Her immune system is kept optimal through diet and exercise.


penni said...

This is an interesting theory -- and contrary to everything we ever learned! The problem with breeding every season is that you wouldn't have time to really evaluate the last litter (particularly for health issues) before it was time to breed again!

So -- do you breed a show litter/pet litter/show litter/pet litter? We'd have lots of Cardis around if we did that!

I'm not so sure I'm convinced it's best.

Léo said...

And I can't quite believe that the mibolerone is harmless. It causes liver damage in humans.

Dogs evolved to produce large numbers of puppies because without our influence few make it to adulthood. Ms. Kutzler's material states that "Without intervention, neonatal mortality within the first two weeks of life is ~30% (range 15-45%)." That's just the first two weeks!

I agree. I strongly hesitate to follow this advice. Which is why I am curious about the actual experience and numbers of incidence of pyometra in bitches and the relationship to delaying breeding without use of the steroid.

I'm going to email her and ask for the stats. If I hear anything back - I think I will - I'll share what I learn...

Holly said...

Knock wood, I have never had pyo. I have heard of this theory though. Dr. Hutchison is suposably a leader in Canine Repro and he does think on these lines, from what I have heard. I have never been to his seminar, but I do wantto get his DVDs at some point.

It is interesting but I do not know if I want to chance giving mibolerone.

Traci said...

If I bred Sedona each time she came into season, i'd be bursting at the seams with puppies! This bitch comes in every 4.5 months! There is NO WAY on this planet that anyone can get me to believe that it's best to breed every cycle. I'd be interested in hearing what you hear back from them, Le'o! :)

Holly said...

True Traci! And I have no interest in breeding every bitch every season.