Wednesday, April 22, 2009

out of hiding

So anybody can read what's going on here again...

Not that I really have that much to say. ;-)

But while I'm on the subject of not going public... :-D
I've heard some people question why someone would opt not to make the records public on the DM results. It may be that they co-own their dogs and they choose to respect the co-owner's privacy. It may be they wish to contribute to the scientific data and make their breeding decisions without a lot of less informed people starting slanderous rumors.

Enough said.

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dreameyce said...

I thought it was odd that your blog 'ran away'! Glad you're back :)

I personally don't get all the drama that's going on with testing. Then again, I prefer to simply give people the benefit of a doubt, and not accuse them of being dishonest until they've shown dishonesty.

IMO, people should mind to their own breeding programs unless there's true reason to worry. JMO though- as someone who doesn't breed dogs.... I've never quite understood the concept of breeder-drama, in any species. IMO, that energy could be put to productive use!