Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well, Penni asked about any planned theme. Funny I had just the other day thought of one I've never heard anyone use but I suppose it's still possible they have.

I was thinking X-Men.

I've put the call name first and thoughts and ideas for registered names in ( ).

Girls: Storm ("real" name Ororo Munroe - sounds like a dog is saying it), Rogue (Raven's Child - or better yet Destiny's Child - so now we know your name*), Phoenix (I know there's another one out there), Sage, Sway (also a cool song), Karma,...

Boys: Have to have a Logan (Wolverine - loved the character before Hugh Jackman and now, well enough said), Charles or more likely Charlie (Professor X), Remy (Gambit), Warren (Archangel), Khan, Azazel, Magnus, Ruckus (kind of obscure but a cute name for a puppy),....

ok, I'm up way past my bedtime...

More names and bios here.

* The R&B and pop girl group Destiny's Child had a song called "Say My Name." A comedian remarked once that "We can't say your name. We don't know your name... We only know your mother's name."

sigh. I guess you had to be there... good night.

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Baledwr said...

I am a major X-Men fan...way before the movies...and I bet Henry could come up with some great ones too. Fun!