Wednesday, May 27, 2009

1, 2, & 3

#1: little girl, 10 oz., brindle: I didn't wanna come out! Vet pulled me out and gave Mama oxytocin and calcium. Thanks Dr. Rick!!

#2: boy, 12 oz. brindle: Taxi!! was born in car on way home.

# 3: boy, 10.5 oz., brindle, born 20 minutes after brother


dreameyce said...

They're BEAUTIFUL! Glad no c-section was needed! YEA!

Kate said...

Pretty markings on the girlie.

Kristine said...

YAY!!! The little girl has the same 'kiss spot' on top of her head that Riley does!
Go Kayla!

dreameyce said...

Kristine- since these ARE your b-day pups, I think you NEED one!