Wednesday, May 27, 2009


9.5 oz. @ 7 pm

Another brindle boy. sigh. Sorry Carolyn. Everyone chant: girl, girl. one black. Kim wants a red.

Kayla is *such* a good momma!!!


Kate said...

Obviously! Look at her cleanin' him! What a good momma. :)

StubbyDog said...

Go Kayla! Pretty markings.

Ariel said...

Oh! Sweetness!
They are all so cute (nothing cuter than a card puppy!)
I was doing a tax return and came back and there were pictures!

And if you decide you need to puke, Kim can always hold your hair for you :)

starrynights said...

Girl! Girl! Girl!

Very pretty babies so far. Good job!

Gooooo Kayla!

Traci said...

they are VERY pretty babies so far! Keep up the great work, everyone!!

dreameyce said...

I'm rooting for girls! Don't worry!

Fox lady said...

Keeping fingers crossed for girls but particularly a healthy labor for mom and her pups!!!