Monday, May 11, 2009

have to share...

My Lexie brought home Happy Mother's Day gifts today.
Included was a list of "My mom's favorites"

My mom's favorite food is "soybeans." (Ummm, no.)

My mom's favorite color is "greenish blue." (That's one of them, yes.)

My mom's favorite place to go is "the mall." (?!! No.)

My mom's favorite sport is "walking." (ok. It's involved.)

My mom's favorite animal is "a tiger."

My mom's favorite thing to do at home is "nape." (I think she means nap. That's in the top 10 for sure.)

I like it best when my mom and I "snuggle." (Awwww.)

My mom is super because "she is a great mom." (Awwww, again.)

(and drum roll please.)

The funniest thing my mom ever did "tooted and made the dogs bark." (I swear that wasn't me. And yes my fingers are crossed.)


C-Myste said...

Must have been all of those soybeans!!

(Ducking and running)

Kristine said...

Thanks for the smile your story brought to my face!

Dawn said...

Isn't it great when they share all of our secrets. Any idea where soybeans came from??? This just has me giggling.