Thursday, February 19, 2009

Not a puppy any more

Two years ago a little gwrach came into the world. Way too smart for her own good...

she quickly grew into a stunning... and mouthy... beauty. My kinda girl.

New pictures coming soon.


Traci said...

Happy 2nd birthday my beautiful niece dog Celie! :) Thanks for including a few baby pictures - I don't have these in my collection... do you mind if I make a copy for myself, Le'o?
Can't wait to see new pictures of Miss Smarty-Pants! :) Chance sends his sister lots and lots of love - and we can't wait to see her this summer!! :) Lots of photos will be taken of the two of them together ;-)

Léo said...

Yes, Traci you can copy these pictures. I have a couple others that Chris sent me a couple of days ago and Chance is in them too.

I'm hoping Kayla doesn't mess up plans for Bandon. Everyone start thinking fertile thoughts for Kayla while Huxley is visiting.... If she waits until the end of March I'm afraid puppies will prevent summer vacation plans.