Saturday, February 21, 2009

Well I think she's special.

I included 2 side views because I like them both for different reasons. It's been a while since she's practiced her showgirl stuff but I think she's still got it. And then some.

happy birthday.


Traci said...

awww, pretty pretty girl! :) can you believe that they're TWO!? :) So good to see recent pictures of the pretty girl :)

Léo said...

I was just looking at these pictures and pulled up another tab to see Chance's pictures. They sure look like brother and sister don't they?

Cross your fingers for health clearances to go well. No I can't believe she's old enough to be a momma.


Traci said...

They ARE similar... I think it's funny... Chance is like Switzerland... he's like Celie in many ways, yet like Suzie in many as well :) I love that I've been able to watch Celie grow up :)
I'll be making Chance's appointment for OFA x-rays soon also... let's keep our fingers crossed for fabulous hips on both of the kids :) *hug*

Holly said...

Happy Birthday bluetiful one!! She is a very pretty girl!! Fingers crossed for her clearances for both birthday kids.

Emily said...

Celie is looking very nice! You should special her or at least bring her out every now and again. Good luck with the health clearances!