Sunday, June 1, 2008

Week of Hell

My poor Skye. I let you down. I failed you. Where are you, you crazy boy?

Thanks to everyone who offered support and advice. I am so glad to have friends. The kind who try to help and are compassionate. I know others may be angry. I understand them. I am angry with myself too.

I've given a flyer to as many vets in the area as I can. I'm going down to the Humane Society again. Someone told me just calling isn't enough because she had an experience where the staff person didn't know her dog was there. And ads have been placed on Craigslist and in The Columbian. Shelley Camm (have we ever met?) forwarded the ad to the K9Amber Alert. She also offered other suggestions and I'm working on following through on what I hadn't already tried. I've let all our neighbors know to keep an eye out. I've been out in our "backyard" and over behind our closest neighbors.

We've replaced the bungee cord with a chain. We were already making plans for more kennels and fencing the perimeter.

We had a dream in moving here. Its myth of peace. But now? The illusion is shattered completely. So many square miles. Which path to choose?
The hardest choice for me is giving up. I am so sad. And tired.


Baledwr said...

At least you know that if he see people he's not shy and will go to them. Hopefully he's done so and someone has him safe.

Let the mail carrier know as well. And post (with permission to xpost) on dog lists - you would be surprised what word of mouth can do and who might know who...sorry we don't have any more ideas...

Léo said...

There is a poster, a big one, by the mailboxes. Our carrier can't miss it.

I'll do the posting as soon as the girls get to bed tonight.

Dawn said...

Dont give up Le'o, when I lost Juni here in the city the last sight I had of her was her running headlong into traffic at 2 am in a thunderstorm, and we were able to recover her, safe and sound. Have faith, and know that many people are praying for you and Skye.

C-Myste said...

You know how paranoid we are, with fencing within fencing even though we live "out". And we never let the dogs out unattended at night, have a motion sensor light in the yard. We've only just relaxed our hawk-guard with Molly. There are so many things that can happen.

I know of an Aussie who ran with the local coyote pack for a while before he was recovered. He was the grandsire of my girl Shadow.

beautifulwolf said...

Leo, do you have a body picture of him you could post on craigslist too? The face-shot while cute, isn't as descript as a "lost dog" pic could be.

If he's filthy, or matted, he won't look like that pretty, charming boy in the pic. His body, and fluffy tail will be the most tell-tale signs of Skye to the public.

I've been letting everyone up your way know about him, and am sending good vibes up your way. Do you need help searching the woods? I'm always up for hiking, so can always come out. You can e-mail me at my website e-mail if you want me to come up :)

Take care of yourself, and give everyone a hug. I'm worried sick about ya'll!

Traci said...

You make a good point about the body and tail being good "signs".... maybe post a new "lost" ad on CL since so many things get posted there daily.... I SO wish I could be closer and help look..... I'm holding out hope that he'll find his way home soon....
PS: do you know if anything got posted to the K9AmberAlert group? If not, I just joined and will post for you if you'd like.... just let me know.

Léo said...

2 people told me that they forwarded to K9AmberAlert.

Léo said...

I spent a long time trying to find a body picture and couldn't. I know there has to be but I can't find it. Organizing photos has been on my to do list for a long time.
I did change the Craigslist ad so it's more descriptive.

Noelle said...

Hi, Leo,

We are thinking about you here in Seattle. I own Elvis, Skye's dad.

I am deeply skeptical about this kind of thing, but this gal has helped others find lost pets:

Skye's aunt, Music, went missing for a few days some time ago (and not in her own neighborhood -- she was staying with my mother in law in another city and was lost). She did come back ... my daughter walked around the neighborhood clicking the training clicker in hopes it would help her triangulate. Maybe it worked?

yasashiikuma said...

Leo, I just followed the link from Carolyn's site hoping that there might be some good news to see.

Don't give up hope, I was told when we were searching for Tiger that someone had a dog returned after FIVE YEARS. It turned out the dog had been injured and when an owner wasn't located immediately the vet placed the dog. Years later the woman died, and when the dog was taken to a vet they found the original chip.

I keep hoping that you will hear good news, and no, I don't think we have ever met...but we don't have to in order to be Cardigan family.